Small business internet marketing services

What can I do for you?

I provide advice on the opportunities to promote your business online using different platforms, tools and features that:

  1. Increase brand awareness and trust with customers and search engines
  2. Improve search rankings - or maintaining that important lead
  3. Improve the usability of your website
  4. Focus your time and effort on the tools that matter
  5. Save you time from the gruelling research and tedious policies 

This advice provides you with all the ingredients to succeed in today's online mobile world. But importantly - get more customers!

My standard service checks and provides advice on:

  1. how easily you can be found on search engines, mobile devices and apps 
  2. what free tools and websites you can use to promote your products and services
  3. what social media services you should use
  4. how to make the most of customer reviews on different services
  5. what online tools you can use to make better decisions

    What do I get?

    You get a great plan that tells you exactly how and where to promote your business online. This plan sets up a baseline for your online presence that connects you with potential customers. This baseline can then be used for promotional campaigns and more advanced promotional tactics in the future.

    My advice is based on industry best standards that are reviewed frequently to capture new tools, features and changes in policies.

      What is the cost?

      The plan costs on average $350. Less if you have a clean slate –more, if you haven’t mowed that online lawn recently. Ask for a quote and I’ll size up the backyard.

      You can implement the changes in the plan at no charge – unless your website requires more than an oil change. But usually it’s just your time and a keen eye for detail to get it rolling.

      BUT...If you really need a hand or don’t have the time - then give me a holler and we’ll work out the cost.

      What’s the process?

      Simple really. I get to know your business, check what you are doing, detail the changes and provide you with a plan.

      Step 1: Getting to know you

      First, I ask you some simple questions:

      1. How you run your business
      2. What products or services you offer
      3. What marketing you have done
      4. What’s next for your business

      Step 2: Review and find opportunities

      Next, I roll up my sleeves and start checking:

      1. Mobile devices, apps and your website
      2. Online tools such as Google my business
      3. Business directories and other citations of your business
      4. Customer reviews and social media platforms
      5. What your competitors are doing

      Step 3: Prepare the plan

      I’ll then create a plan detailing the changes and opportunities. Some may seem common sense, others strange or quite technical. But trust me; they’ll help customers find you. The plan is written in plain english, but if there’s anything you don’t understand we can chat about it.

      Step 4: Make the changes

      You make the changes following the plan.

      And that’s it.

      Or if you want some help with the changes I’ll work with you to make the magic happen.


      Daniel Fletcher Digital Marketing
      Warragul, Victoria, 3820
      0439 622 771